The evolution of Porn

It is no secret porn has changed. Even just in the last 50 years, we’ve gone from you could rent to the readily available free porn of today. Porn has a deep history that is scarcely explored. That is why today, we will take a dive into the deep and intricate history of pornography, as well as its evolution.

5200 Years Before Christ

The history of pornography begins in a German cave. Dated to 5200 BCE, archaeologists have found a statue of a man and a woman having sex. It has been described as the world’s oldest porn site when it was discovered, 14 years ago.

79 AD

Our next entry dates back to 79 AD in the former city of Pompeii. The city was then excavated in the 18th century. The European aristocrats were rather shocked to find that, in the ruins of Mount Vesuvius, there were countless sexual frescoes and sculptures.


The Chandravaraman temples in India were constructed in the 950’s. These temples are known today as some of the earliest depictions of pornography. The walls are covered in carvings and sculptures depicting explicit scenes.


One of the first times religious institutions tried to ban porn happened in 1557. The Vatican forbid 550 books for religious reasons. Among these were some clearly pornographic titles such as Giovanni Boccaccio’s works.


The first step on the path to Fifty Shades of Grey seems to have been undertaken in 1748. This is when the book Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure was released. The book was extremely explicit, and encouraged women to take pleasure in intercourse. It was banned across the Western world until the 1960s.


The word pornography was coined in 1857, almost 200 years ago. It was taken to mean “a description of prostitutes or prostitution as a matter of public hygiene.” Despite this definition, the word soon progressed to its current meaning.


The first softcore porn was released. Coucher de la Mariée, Eugene Pirou’s scandalous work opened the door for what later became porn films. The film featured prominent actress Louise Willy, stripping and bathing.


L’Ecu d’Or ou la Bonne Auberge is the first hardcore porn film to see the light of day. It is not hardcore in the sense that is seen on porn sites today. Rather, it was used to mean that it contains scenes of explicit intercourse within. Copies of the film was monitored to the degree that it was almost exclusively played in brothels.

Present Day

As you can see, a lot has changed. We no longer have to hide from the authorities for watching porn. Porn has also become almost exclusively an online affair, with being everywhere. There also seems to be a large medium shift incoming with VR porn. With porn’s rich history, there is no doubt that it will continue to change, and evolve beyond our expectations.